Email Grabber Plus is a multifunctional program, designed for extracting email addresses from web pages, text, or HTML files, and also from local directories and disks. Program supports proxy connection and works pretty fast, is stable and reliable, and extremely easy to use. Bulk Email Grabber has various scanning range limitators, which help you extract only those addresses you need, and not every one of them. You can limit scanning in its depth and width and truncate unnecessary paths with wildcards. The Email Grabber has a built-in HTML analyzer, which allows using this program on computers which don't have Internet Explorer. However, EE is fully compatible with all web-servers. Our e-mail extraction software works under OS Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000/XP/Vista/7/8.

Email Grabber Plus (Main Screen)

Current version: 5.0
Released: 2 March 2012

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  • Faster than any other programs

  • Search by country or domain

  • Keyword search (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

  • Extract emails from any local file or folder

  • Built-in website crawler - extract emails from any website/social network

  • Auto-save feature

  • Built-in e-mail verifier new

  • Really powerful and easy-to-use

  • Fully customizable

  • Free lifetime upgrades


Main features:

  • Search and extract email addresses by specifying url.
  • Extract email addresses from search engines based on keyword.
  • Collect email addresses from files/folders on hard drive.
  • Additional search engines to target specific geographic location and ability to configure (add\remove) search engines for better targeting.
  • Fast multi threaded application, allows up to 100 email extractions simultaneously.
  • Works very fast and requires very few resources.
  • Specify maximum number of search levels depending on how deep you want to collect emails.
  • Specify amount of URL's you wish to extract before extracting completes.
  • Specify if you want to "stay within original domain" (restricts EE from wandering).
  • Timeout feature allows user to limit the amount of time spidering in dead sites and traps.
  • Pause/continue extraction at any time.
  • Auto-remove duplicate email addresses while extracting.
  • Option to manually edit/delete collected email addresses.
  • Saves collected email addresses to a text file, one per each line.
  • Save to Excel.
  • Save to CSV (comma separated value) file.
  • Save source URL along with the email addresses for better targeted mailing list.
  • Ability to specify separation character between e-mail address and source URL.
  • Ability to import emails from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Ability to select/delete multiple emails from the results list.
  • Remembers the most recent/last used settings.
  • Extremely easy to use, efficient and accurate data extraction.
  • Configurable option to work through a proxy server and password protected sites.
  • Even extracts email addresses from pages without a "mailto" tag.
  • Does not crawl search engine advertisements and unwanted links.
  • The intuitive, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface includes features that make email collection easier than ever.
  • Optimized for better performance.
  • Small download size makes it extremely easy to download.


User reviews:

  • Best email spider! It really works very good for me. - Boris

  • Your e-mail harvester is a very useful. - Peter

  • Your email solution is an extremely fast mail spider and supports multi-threaded page loading. - Hu Ming

  • I have used the Email Collector for a several months and i'm really impressed how the software works with no problems. Thank you very much. - David

  • Email Grabber with a built-in email validator? I really love this. - Somebody from internet

  • Your product is better than other email marketing software, for example - Fast Email Grabber, Best Email Grabber, Email Spider, Email Harvester and many others. Thank you for a program which is ideal for my needs. - Phil

System requirements:

  • Minimal configuration:
    IBM PC or 100% compatible computer with processor not less than Pention 333 MHz, not less than 14 MB of RAM, and operating system Windows 98 or higher.

  • Recommended configuration:
    We recommend IBM PC or 100% compatible computer with processor Intel Pentium II 600 MHz or faster.

You have to remember - you, and only you are responsible for any email messages that you send using Mail Extractor.


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